About This Project

“Let me breathe the scent of your hair for a long, long time, immersing my whole face in it, like a weary man in spring water. Your hair contains a whole dream, full of veils and masts; it contains great seas whose monsoons carry me to charming climes, where space is bluer and deeper, where the atmosphere is perfumed by fruit, by leaves and by human skin.”

“Let me breathe endlessly the scent of your hair, let me bury my face into it, like a parched man in the water of a spring. Your hair is like a dream, filled with sails and masts; it contains immense seas whose monsoons transport towards bewitching climates, where space is bluer and deeper, where fruits, leaves and the human skin perfume the atmosphere.”

(Baudelaire – Un hémisphère dans une chevelure)


Round Bumps, Sculptures