Bas-relief, Sculptures
About This Project

“Shiny furniture,
Polished by the years,
Decorate our room;
The rarest flowers
Blending their scents
With the vague scent of amber,
Rich ceilings,
Deep mirrors,
Oriental splendor,
Everything speaks for itself
To the soul in secret
His sweet native tongue.

Here, all is order and beauty,
Luxury, calm and pleasure.”

“Furniture gleaming
with the patina
of time itself in the room we should share ;
the rarest flowers
mingling aromas
with amber’s uncertain redolence ;
encrusted ceilings
echoed in mirors
and Eastern splendor on the wall –
here all would whisper
to the soul in secret
her sweet mother tongue

all is order there, and elegance,
pleasure, peace and opulence.”

(Baudelaire – L’invitation au voyage)