About This Project

“By the pale light of languid lamps,
On deep, fragrant cushions
Hippolyte dreamed of the powerful caresses
that lifted the curtain on her youthful candor;
My kisses are as light as these ephemera
Caressing these great transparent lakes in the evening,
And those of your lover will dig their ruts
Like tearing carts or ploughshares…”

“Disclosed, though dimly, by the faltering lamps,
Hippolyta rested on a soft and scented couch
reliving those caresses which had raised
the curtains of her inexperience.
Wild-eyed after the storm, she conjured up
already-distant skies of innocence,
just as a traveller might turn back to glimpse
blue horizons lost with the morning’s light.”

(Baudelaire – Femmes damnées)

Bas-relief, Sculptures